Ajax is Asynchronous Javascript and XML. It enables web applications to function quickly and efficiently in a variety of contexts without the lag time of Page loading delays. It makes the Internet even more popular and pervasive than it already is. Another advantage of Ajax is a decrease in bandwidth use. In Ajax, bandwidth is used only to accomplish specific demands without requiring that the page be re-loaded (which requires bandwidth, every time a request is made. Contents are loaded on demand and HTML is produced locally from the browser. Ajax is based on open standards. Open standards are supported by a variety of browsers and platforms, giving programmers the accessibility and flexibility to use what they need across browsers.

Ajax is a web development technology that is a part of the web 2.0 technology umbrella.

Advantages in Ajax Application Development

AJAX allows for the ability to make asynchronous calls to a web server. This allows the client browser to avoid waiting for all data to arrive before allowing the user to act once more. AJAX is much responsive, whole page(small amount) data transfer at a time.

  • AJAX allows easier and quicker interaction between user and website as pages are not reloaded for content to be displayed.
  • AJAX applications on websites can be built to allow easier navigation to users in comparison to using the traditional back and forward button on a browser.
  • With AJAX, several multi purpose applications and features can be handled using a single web page, avoiding the need for clutter with several web pages.
  • Form validation is instant and properly. AJAX gives all of that, and more. Form validation is the easiest way to get a proper validation.

ThoughtExecution Services offerings in Ajax Application Development

ThoughtExecution has an extensive experience in web application development on Ajax as per the clients’ business requirements. Focus on high-speed output, eliminating slow server responses and page refreshes of the websites when they work on web development with this technology.

  • DWR Frameworks based development
  • GWT Ajax based Development
  • Flawless Ajax Integration