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We are dedicated to provide innovative and professional services that will exceed your expectations. When our people, technologies, services and solutions pleased our clients we feel glad then anything else. Please contact us to explore the broad range of solutions & services we can provide to empower your company.

ThoughtExecution was terrific to work with while customizing our Jasper Reporting. They were extremely responsive, assisted with design and provided much needed expert assistance. Looking forward to future projects with ThoughtExecution.

Words are not enough to describe how good Rishi is, not only as a professional but as a person... He completed the project exceeding my expectations, not only because he made what he was supposed to do but he went the extra-mile for tasks that came across the development and could have been considered (by other developers) that were out of scope. Also, he persisted in despite of some “hurdles” we find dealing with 3rd parties such as hosting services or payment solution providers. He put the hours and made himself available even at odd hours to make this project a reality. His technical knowledge is great, he’s a truly professional- I’m not a fully knowledgeable programmer but I know something about this and checking at the structure of his development it was a clean one. On top of that he recommended me along the way adjustments and improvements without asking for any additional money, showing me that he was honestly concerned to provide me with the best possible product (which he did). As far of supervision and follow-up it was so easy, as he set up a time line based on my deadline (a realistic one) and he delivered. Furthermore he gave me periodically updates and at any time when I requested them. I am a SBO and won’t think twice to hire him again if I ever come up with another idea which requires the development of another e-commerce website/platform. I highly recommend Rishi’s job, I know for sure that you will be impressed as I am. Indeed, I am giving him 5 stars in all aspects/categories because he deserves it.

ThoughtExecution did a fantastic job completing our project. To begin with, they were incredibly responsive to all questions and concerns before and during work on the project. They were very clear and professional while we outlined the project requirements and asked the right questions to make sure the project was scoped properly. They delivered more than what was expected by not only implementing all functional requirements, but even handling details (e.g. visual appeal of the GUI) without specific instructions to do so. Their quote and delivery estimates were spot on and they remained unbelievably responsive for any support after the project was completed. It was truly a great experience working with ThoughtExecution and I intend to do so again in the future.

Implementing the solution has cost less than 20% of the alternative solutions. The payback period was just a few months.. The impact of the system has been far reaching. Its simplicity of use and the valuable contribution it has made to business processes, have made it a strategic asset to our operations.

Reports created by this system tells everything we need to know about the performance on a single page, great job has been done.