Nowdays, the demand of Mobile Applications that can be used across multiple devices is increasing. PhoneGap has shown significant growth in recent years, and is emerged as one of the most popular platforms for developing mobile applications catering to the diverse individual and business needs.

PhoneGap is an open source development framework for mobile applications that makes use of cross platform supportive languages like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript instead of device specific ones. ThoughtExecution provides with expertly tailored cross platform mobile applications using PhoneGap to suit your requirements.

We leverage all the advantages offered by PhoneGap to help our clients reduce the overhead associated with developing powerful mobile apps that can be installed with ease across multiple platforms. We understand that an universal development framework is always a step behind the native ones when a new feature or functionality is introduced. Our PhoneGap developers aim at minimizing this gap by quickly learning about the change and adapting to it.

Advantages in PhoneGap Application Development

The “build once, run everywhere” feature of PhoneGap allows developers to use standardized web APIs for the development of applications that have access to many of the native features of the device like GPS camera and more. PhoneGap apps can be packaged as native apps across various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry. It greatly reduces the time and money spent on making user friendly applications separately for multiple devices.

  • Free and Open Source
  • Application is compatible across different Mobile Devices, Operating Systems & Platforms
  • No Additional Cost occurred for Developing Same App for Every Mobile platform
  • The Performance of App is Stable & Consistent irrespective of type of OS, Device & Platform
  • Application developed by this supports Geo Locations and Vibrations. Also they can support photos, contact, accelerometer, offline storage etc.
  • Operating similarly to native apps
  • User Interface developed with JavaScript for Smoother Experience for Users
  • Apps can be distributed via app stores
  • It has the PhoneGap AIR simulator that makes testing easy
  • PhoneGap supports multiple mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Symbian, Samsung Bada and Windows Phone)
  • Use of existing technologies like HTML, CSS and Java along with the advantage of access to the mobile devices core components so that the app works as a native app eventhough it can be built with pure web scripts like HTML and Java.

ThoughtExecution Services offerings in PhoneGap Application Development

We specialize in developing a wide array of mobile apps using PhoneGap which include dynamic applications. We know how to merge native and web technologies to develop cross platform mobile software. We at ThoughtExecution offer the best of the cross platform mobile application development solutions to help businesses quickly and economically go mobile.

  • A complete mobile solution for your business using PhoneGap
  • Applications specially customized to meet your business requirements
  • Creating mobile versions of existing ecommerce or online businesses
  • Redesigning or re-architecting existing mobile applications
  • Plugins development using PhoneGap
  • Cross Platform & Hybrid Apps
  • Mobile Apps Porting-Migration
  • App Store Deployment