PHP is a scripting language that is extensively used for web development to create dynamic, flexible, interactive and compelling Web pages but not limited to web development only. This is a general purpose language where a PHP source code is planted into HTML source code and translated by the Web server through a PHP engine module. The outcome is generation of a Web page document. PHP environment involves many utilities like supporting different types of Web development including graphics in applications. Mostly, PHP is deployed on Web servers and act as a standalone interpreter on most of the operating systems or even a platform without any extra cost.

Specializes in PHP Web development owing to the power offered by PHP environment and its capacity which are efficiently tapped for client benefits through trustworthy systems to work as per business requirements. Originally, PHP was abbreviated for “Personal Home Page” but today it stands for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”.

PHP Application development is most often called as LAMP Development, an open source web platform refers to a set of tools: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (Perl or Python). Lamp enables rapid development and deployment of enterprise scale applications. The tools have the following functions: MySQL deals with data storage whereas PHP deals with business logic of the application. Linux provides robust server environment whereas Apache, the webserver, delivers the content.

Advantages in PHP Application Development

PHP is an open source web technology and thus available for free. It is also free from any restrictive license. Developers can create their own PHP version to power their web solutions. It has turned out to be a trendiest web technology and is indeed posing a serious flexibility threat to proprietary languages like JAVA and ASP.NET.

  • PHP is cross-platform and therefore enables operation across various operating systems. It works excellently on Linux, Unix, Macs and Windows platforms.
  • Stability, Flexibility and Speed are the chief qualities that attract business owners to choose PHP.
  • Building applications in LAMP leads to low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as all sets of tools are open source.
  • PHP runs in separate isolated processes within Apache so it is very difficult for any one process to bring down the entire web server. If anything goes wrong, there is minimal effect because PHP's state is completely reset at the beginning of each request. This ends up being more reliable than systems that use long-lived processes that handle many requests.
  • Excellent Community, Low Development Cost,
  • PHP is known to have several extensions and is tremendously accessible.
  • Lots of hosting services have it ready to use, no special configuration.
  • It is embedded directly into the HTML that makes up the website resulting to an interesting quality.
  • When it comes to security, PHP offers several levels of security to avert malicious attacks.
  • PHP does not put exertion on servers because it utilizes its own inherent memory space that reduces the workload from the servers. The processing speed impulsively improves. Its script is also improved enabling the server’s job a lot easier.
  • Data handling in PHP is convenient because the programmers can simply store data, serialize, create cookies, calculate viewer by cookies and sessions and has exceptional file management system.
  • Because PHP is very fast to develop, it assures that there is consequently a quick turnaround time.
  • Because PHP has a unique ability to make and transform a website into a dynamic one, it ensures to attract more visitor participation. This results to better returns.
  • Fast Performing and Scalable

ThoughtExecution Services offerings in PHP Application Development

  • Custom PHP application development
  • Migration of standalone PHP based applications to a Web based platform
  • Web Portals or Websites – Dynamic or interactive
  • Marketing Websites/Product Websites/E-Commerce Websites
  • Integrated Web Services
  • Symfony, Zend, Yii, Code Igniter frameworks based PHP Development
  • Content Management System
  • E-commerce application development and web store application development
  • Portal development
  • Large Scale enterprise application development
  • Migration and porting of applications build in proprietary architecture to LAMP.
  • Maintenance of applications and support services. These services are offered to ensure consistency in business operations. Problems arising are identified and solved there and then to ensure application enhancement and deployment.

ThoughtExecution expertise in PHP Technologies stack

Frameworks MVC, Symfony, Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii
Tools XDebug, Netbeans, Eclipse
Libraries PHPExcel, Tcpdf, mpdf60, loh4php, Twig, Ratchet, SwiftMail, Stash, PHP, Collection, gapi, Whoop
Web Servers Apache, Nginx, IIS
Payment Gateways PayPal,, CCAvenue, Moneybookers, First Data, Google Checkout, Citibank Payment Gateway, Amazon Payments
Databases Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres-SQL, MySQL, SQLite, NoSQL, Informix, Mongo DB