Engagement Model

We offer flexible engagement models to suit the requirement of our customers. Our main emphasis is to ensure the best value realization for our customers. We offer efficacious engagement models personalized for your business requirements.

Clients can choose from various engagement models described below or a mix of these models:

Fixed Price and Fixed Time Model

The Fixed Price model is applicable when the client's need and deliverables are specified and the project path is well defined. Since the design and execution of the project are outlined at the beginning of the project, this is a low risk option for the customer. The progress of the project is monitored in accordance with the mutually agreed scope along milestones and deliverables.

On the basis of project details, estimation for the project and engagement is done. Payment model for such engagement is done either based on milestones that are marked with specific delivery or at defined interval of time after completion of certain task. The Change Management Process is followed when it comes to provisioning or managing any modification or enhancement.

Execution Process

  1. Requirement definition is communicated by the client
  2. We responds with its understanding of the requirements
  3. We quotes a fixed price for the development of the project
  4. On acceptance of the proposal by the client, the project plans are drawn-up
  5. We manage the complete development. The customer is kept informed and also involved in the reviews through weekly reports, emails, skype or telecons and joint reviews among other approaches
  6. The customer is provided with complete transparency into the project based on his/her need
  7. The acceptance is carried out by the customer and MSRCOSMOS provides help (onsite or offshore) during this period
  8. The post-release maintenance services take care of the enhancements and bug fixation, if required In nutshell, this type of model is best suited for those companies who are giving proper clarity of job required along with given specifications. Our work process and project delivery model is very excellent which ensures reliability and effectiveness along with best performance. It is best option for small scale projects with limited scope and requirements


  • A fixed financial plan for better R.O.I.
  • Delivery within stipulated time frame
  • Minimal administrative burden and associated risks
  • Less involvement of client in the execution process

Time and Material Model

If the organization has software development requirements that would likely change in the future or if you would like a flexible model, then the Time and Material Model is the perfect model. Within this model, we offer you technology professionals charged at an hourly or monthly rate in all technology areas. In this model the client have flexible to choose from an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate for resources. This rate is based on each team member’s skill set and relevant project experience. Alternatively, you may agree on a single blend rate for all resources involved in the project.

This model is the best for large scale and complex projects having longer duration, specification and scope as the project progresses. With the help of this model, the software service provider can extract the best possible solutions for the business requirements of a client. This model mainly focuses on the requirement of clients and provides them the best possible solution.

Execution Process

In the initial phase, the complete scenario includes defining the problem, suggested solution, business analysis, designing of the architecture, research based documentation, coding, maintenance, and respected support.

The effort analysis for all elements and stages of the product is defined with perception and is charged on pre-agreed hourly rate based on the quality of resources involved in the project. To reduce the overall time and cost of the project, a mutual agreement and an omni-bridge with customer is maintained for the change management to make sure that the changes are implemented in a controlled fashion and are followed for every element until solution is completely delivered.


  • Adequate modification scope during execution
  • The biggest advantage of this model is that you’re able to lock external skilled resources for the entire project duration and scale up and down flexibly to adjust to macroeconomic factors or changing project demands.
  • In order to prevent uncontrolled cost escalations, you may impose an upper limit or cap on the costs. This model is called T&M with a cap. Such restrains always help ensure your project is within the budget.
  • Offers adaptable and flexible budget

Dedicated Resources

It is effective and convenient way of cutting cost on keeping in-house staff for a project for short span of time. As part of the model a Dedicated Resources is assigned to client based upon the project requirement and as a benefit, client has more control over the team and execution activities. This model offers great advantage to clients wherein they can make rational decisions about their scope & costing of projects and can get better ROI.

Execution Process

The model is initiated with the identification of client's requirements in terms of project volume, complexity, technology and infrastructure, which is followed by SLA (Service Level Agreements) in order to ascertain team composition as well as working methodology. The resource skills and roles matrix define the costing.


  • Access to a highly competent resource pool having expertise across a range of technologies and industry verticals.
  • Allows clients to access experienced IT services at a predicable cost in a predictable environment while focusing internal resources on strategic priorities
  • Resource continuation, knowledge retention and complete control over resources and processes
  • No investment in maintaining in-house development team or infrastructure

We are also open to adopt other engagement models based on client convenience.

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