is a “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) for creating and deploying applications for the social enterprise. Because there are no servers or software to buy or manage, users can focus solely on building apps that include built-in social and mobile functionality, business processes, reporting, and search. The applications run on a secure, proven service that scales, tunes, and backs up data automatically.

Development on the platform is fast because it requires minimal coding. The platform offers a number of open APIs, easily customizable via WYSIWYG interface and Visualforce UI framework. Business logic is implemented with’s visual tools and library of components, while complex logic uses Apex. In addition provides advanced report generating capabilities, such as various types of reports, dashboards and analytical reports on historical data.

ThoughtExecution Services offerings in SalesForce

  • Integration of Salesforce with existing business applications
  • Custom configuration of Salesforce CRM to meet client’s business needs
  • Rapid development on
  • Full-scale custom development on using Apex
  • Development of clients’ custom user interfaces using Visualforce
  • Public websites and web services powered by
  • Deployment of Ruby and Java applications to
  • Custom software development using the multi-tenant cloud database service