The retail industry have re-defined the traditional way of doing business with the fast and emerging trends that have potential to be a game-changers for the retail industry. The retailers are changing ways to the growing needs of consumer’s response by creating a truly integrated relationship. We build a competitive advantage through our innovative business solutions and comprehensive portfolio of offerings.

Our Retail and Consumer Discretionary Practice consists of professionals that include industry consultants, retail specialist, software solution architects, consultants, technical architects, transition specialists, project managers, programmers and testers. We have an extensive experience, built creating real life solutions for our customers. We combine our technical depth with domain knowledge to create innovative solutions that give Retailers the ability to thrive in today’s demanding market place.

ThoughtExecution expertise and approach

We at ThoughtExecution understand retailer's needs from a business perspective and help them in overcoming their current challenges and achieve high growth targets through cutting edge and innovative e-business, store operations and supply chain management/ execution solutions.

ThoughtExecution has framed an effective approach to provide a secure web development system. Software development for online retail industry, created by ThoughtExecution improves back-end development that creates easy functionality and great user experience. Our developers use comprehensive techniques to develop a website which is supported by all operating systems and devices. We have continuously explored various tools to create an error-free technology for customers. Our application development for online retail industry provides credibility to the site with increased user-friendly features. Professionals at ThoughtExecution provide strong secure foundation for a website and improves performance.

Our Retail and Consumer Goods Practice offers end-to-end solutions and services to customers. The Practice leverages in-depth experience that extends to all stages of the business-cycle from product buying to merchandising. Our consultants have excellent business process knowledge, technological capabilities. Using a team of very capable engineers and experts we have offering innovative software and systems solutions to the Retail and CPG Industries. In some of the key technical areas that we work are: store applications, POS systems, developing interfaces to varied systems, Web Services, XML data exchanges, back end enterprise applications technologies, pervasive computing on mobile computing devices, RFID solutions, Mobile Applications, Smart Cart Applications and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

ThoughtExecution offers wide range of solutions in Retail

ThoughtExecution is able to provide a wide range of retail solutions that help improve the efficiency of commercial activities, gain control of operations, and significantly boost revenue. Our retail solutions cover the entire spectrum of retailing.

  • Data Management solutions – Retail industry produces tons of valuable data. Organizing this information in a way that is useful to business practices, product lines and locations. Rapidsoft team can help you in organizing your databases and rationalizing your systems
  • Advanced analytics - We provide your retail enterprise with valuable insights based on customer and consumer data. The analytics will give you an overview of what is going on and what is to be done.
  • CRM Customization, Development and Customer Loyalty Programs – Customer data and loyalty program has proven their values over the years. Rapidsoft team has been involved in the development of a number of customer loyalty systems and we can leverage that expertise and experience for you.
  • Frameworks and solutions - We work from scratch to design a framework for your challenges and provide all the solutions you need for your customers’ ever-increasing demands.
  • Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management Solutions - These systems in veritably define the key functions of a retail management operation. Rapidsoft team can develop systems that are tailor made for your business. Rapidsoft Team can help you in its integration and implementation in your systems.
  • Point of sale software (POS) - Systems include front-end software and back-office price controls, reports, bookkeeping, and administrative functions. They may also have advanced functionalities to cater to different verticals, such as inventory, CRM, financials, warehousing, and so on.
  • Order and delivery management system - Internal web systems intended for goods/order/sales/delivery/dealers administration.
  • Merchandising and supply networks - Web systems facilitating supply chains and resources management.
  • Innovative store portals - Our advanced store portal solutions make sure that your customers get the most superior and seamless buying experience, with embedded networking at multiple levels.
  • RFID, Smart Carts, Contactless Payment Systems - As retailers try to reduce the cost integration of newer technologies is vital to low cost operation. Rapidsoft Team can help you in its integration and implementation of these emerging technologies in your systems.
  • Business Support and Enterprise Management Systems - Besides dealing with retail operations organizations still have to manage other business support systems, such as employees management, training programs, payrolls, and all other internal policy management.