Manufacturing companies worldwide face the constant pressure to reduce manufacturing costs to remain relevant and competitive. It means they must continuously improve processes to reduce the cost of material, production, labor that form the input to their high capital intensive operations. One effective way to reduce cost is to deploy technology effectively. And that's what smart companies are doing. They are using modern IT technology to streamline production, improve quality, optimize system performance, improve customer relationships, and optimize production.

ThoughtExecution expertise and approach

ThoughtExecution's manufacturing solutions helps to drive your costs down, provide speed to commit existing resources for new opportunities fulfillment, and provide enhanced and competitive product and services to your end customers.

Manufacturing product developers at ThoughtExecution develop tools that are as farsighted as your business goals and augment your profit margins by minimizing supply waste. Our solutions reduce the return periods and assist you in rapid deployment of business processes.

Manufacturing has the technological knowledge and domain experience to offer solutions specifically geared to manufacturing industry. We have been working with many manufacturing companies and helping them in leveraging technologies in design, operations management and over all enterprise management solutions. All these activities have helped them in reducing their costs and streamline operations.

  • Enterprise package implementation
  • Legacy System Migration and Re-design
  • Support and integration
  • Custom Web Interfaces to ERP Systems
  • Database Re-engineering or Migration
  • Supply chain product implementation and support
  • Web-Services and EDI integration
  • Engineering design services.

ThoughtExecution offers wide range of solutions in Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing solutions practice offers a broad range of technology services – from product design and Automation tools to integration of ERP systems.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing Process Management
  • Process Automation
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Legacy Migration solutions
  • Enterprise Mobility Solution
  • Application Design and Maintenance