Our Approach

At ThoughtExecution we provide value driven development services to our clients. Our veteran experts will guide you through the entire stages of development life cycle i.e. right from idea conceptualization to product deployment. We follow stringent industry standards to deliver the high-end product to our users.

We follow an efficient product development methodologyto determine the feasibility and practicability of each approach towards software products and services that offers our customers the highest quality with competitive cost and in the shortest time possible.

We consider a project to be successful only when business stakeholders see the value of the investments required to complete the development. To ensure that the business needs are properly addressed we always align the project goals and timelines with the business goals

Process Model

  • Scrutinization - We gather the client’s techno-functional specifications and details and carefully analyze the user’s requirement before we move to the next step. We conceptualize and build a detailed requirement report and submit it to the client for approval. Once the report is approved by the client, we then proceed with the next step.
  • Strategical - After careful analysis of the user’s requirement, we then strategize the best possible method, technology and framework that suit the client’s business requirement at an affordable cost.
  • Verification - We always rely upon the tried and tested ways of development; hence each component designed and developed by our experienced professionals has to go through scrupulous tests to eliminate the risk of failure.
  • Continuous Delivery - The key feature of the approach is an optimized delivery cycle so that changes can be implemented quickly and the results can become reliable and predictable. We meticulously work towards quality and assiduously partner with our clients throughout the development phase to deliver the best solution in the agreed timeline. We believe in Client Satisfaction and strive hard to achieve it without compromising on the quality.


We take all necessary steps to provide protection of e-mail systems, database servers, web servers, desktop systems and the like from viruses, Trojans, and other threats. We provide Virtual Private Network Access to client's server. This ensures that only authorized persons can access the network and data cannot be intercepted. Also, limited internet access can be provided over 100% monitored network.

After delivering a project, we maintain offline backups and delete all information from the server. Both software and data are kept in systems with highly restricted access (However, the backup can be deleted on client's request.)


We take special care that confidentiality of clients' business data is maintained.

  • We sign confidentiality and Non-disclosure Contracts before start working on the project
  • Password management, documentation management and control are used during project.
  • he software developed for a client can be assessed by developers and quality assurance team only
  • System administrators are the only people who can access servers which are protected by password


We understand and firmly believe that success of any project depends on the quality of communication between the client and the development team.

We deliver projects using RUP, Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies; these methodologies ensure that regular communication is established with the client and we can incorporate clients' feedback in an ongoing basis. In addition, for projects with onshore-offshore delivery model, face to face communication between the client and the onshore team helps in building trust. The onshore team regularly communicates with the offshore team to seamlessly transfer the business requirements to the development team.

We use web meetings (GoToMeeting, web-ex, net meeting, Microsoft Live Meeting, Skype), instant messaging, e-mails, regular phone calls, phone calls via VOIP and video conferencing to ensure smooth communication. Our team overlaps time with the client time zone's work hours, depending on their responsibilities; thereby ensuring that global time zone difference does not impact the project. Our facilities (development center and remote management center) are open 24/7 to ensure smooth functioning despite the time difference. We use time difference to our advantage by ensuring that the issues are resolved as soon as possible.

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