To give the professional and full-fledged stance to the product/application, it is essential that the product or application has been packaged in such a form that eases the installation and configuration operations for end customers which are the actual users of the application. The easy format, GUI screens, step by step procedure, automatic configuration, rollback mechanism etc. are few features that should be a part of every installer which is being developed for any product or application.

We have worked very thoroughly on the installers development for various infrastructure (OS, 32/64 bit machines, VMWare, Virtualization etc.) and for various product in diversified technologies. Have created multiple installers for various organizations and products.

ThoughtExecution has expertise in developing installers with several type of features :

  • Organization of the application in modules and components
  • Interactive customization of user interface components
  • Uninstaller with Modify, Remove, Repair etc. options
  • Per-user and per-machine installs
  • Command line mode execution
  • Files, Folders and Shortcuts (to installed files, existing files or URLs)
  • Registry keys and entries
  • Environment Variables (which can replace or be appended to existing variables like PATH)
  • INI file entries
  • ODBC drivers, data sources and translators
  • User registration, serial code validation, SKUs
  • Pre/Post-Build Events
  • COM, COM+ and DCOM
  • Prerequisites Management
  • Launch conditions evaluation
  • Billboard user interface creation
  • HTTP authentication, HTTPS
  • Server-side license check
  • Virtual Directories
  • Patches Management
  • Java based application installer:
    • Multiple Java applications per package
    • 100% native code, no JVM overhead
    • JRE bundling
    • JRockit JRE

ThoughtExecution Services offerings in Application Deployment Management

ThoughtExecution provides development for various type of installers : ​​​​​​

  • Windows installer development
  • Mac installer development
  • Linux based installer development
  • Installers for Java based applications
  • Application Virtualization
  • VMware ThinApp
  • SCCM Deployment
  • Repackager