Calls Records Management System For Telecommunications




Calls Records Management System For Telecommunications

Application Type

Business Intelligence & Reporting Management



Business Requirements

The requirement was to create a Report Management system to generate automated reports in various categories like, Customer Call Details records, International call records, Toll free call records, PBAX details, Invoice generation etc.

Key Functional Areas:

  1. Data was becoming more complicated with each transaction on our client’s online portal and Handling million no. of records was the challenge
  2. Various query filters, like: cost, name, duration, caller id, source etc. required to filter out the data in reports
  3. Reporting system was not in place to identify the revenue stream and design a focused marketing plan
  4. Enterprise Reporting platform was required that could keep data formatted and organized
  5. Strong requirement to reduce the traffic calls to customer care

The Solution

With usability and reporting objectives in mind, visualizations were designed that plotted data so that their different attributes, trends and correlations could be easily understood and analyzed. These reports were designed by querying and deploying data onto cloud-based infrastructure. The reports can be accessed on-demand anytime and anywhere through a secure web interface. Reports can also be scheduled or triggered by events, and distributed via email.

Web-based report solution simplified the client’s IT management by centralizing reporting infrastructure. It also improved scalability and accessibility. The client gained better insight into their revenue sources.

Key Highlights of the Solution Implemented

  1. The solution includes the report server environment, enabling clients to schedule standardized reports or request them on-demand, as well as the graphical designer which enables clients to define their own, customized reports. Clients can also build and execute ad hoc queries—and every form of output is created with real-time, transactional data.
  2. Also built a real-time server component that populates the data from the core data stores in a relational database Environment. These data, which can also be incorporated into reports and queries, is near-real-time. Customized data services allow reports to combine both types of data within a report or query. Recently, a new data and reporting service was added to integrate risk analysis information.
  3. The online analytics (OLAP) solution is also part of the mix. Had also created analysis cubes—specialized, analysis-tuned data structures—for investment business data mining.
  4. Designed normalized cloud database schema

Benefit Impact On Business

Previously, the customers used to call frequently to customer care service to get the information about the details of their calls and other relevant details. Due to the high traffic of query calls, the investment on the resources (manpower, infrastructure) had to keep increasing to cope up the high traffic call hence, impacting on the expenses which was declining the profit.

After the implementation of reporting management interface, the traffic calls was get decreased by 65% resulting into great positive impact on the revenue and profit which was diagonally increased upwards.

  • The business revenue increased by 20%
  • Customer query calls decreased by 65%

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