Business Intelligence System For Human Resources




Business Intelligence System For Human Resources

Application Type

Data Analysis, Business Intelligence Reporting Management


Human Resources

Business Requirements

Human Resource Reporting system was required for measuring the hiring processes like new hires, active employees, and trying to uncover any trends in the hiring strategy. A kind of pre-built decision support system that helps to analyze and manage all HR processes providing access to accurate, timely, comprehensive data from the HRMS applications and provides the tools to make better, more strategic decisions resulting in faster, better decision-making that aligns the workforce with corporate objectives.

Key Functional Areas:

  1. Perform comprehensive manpower analysis and budget reports
  2. Viewing employee development and performance reports
  3. Analyze salary, recruitment, vacancy and termination trends
  4. Control staffing efficiency, benefit offerings and labor costs.

The Solution

Recruiting is a dynamic process as the content is often unstructured and always changing. This process is on-going and managers need to stay up-to-date on an ever-changing recruiting pipeline, integrating content and leads from multiple sources across the web. Keeping all these factors in consideration, the system was designed to enhance recruitment through increased retention levels and reduced turnover and hiring costs. Recruiters can collaborate across multiple business functions and with individual employees. With decreased turnover, higher recruitment yields, and increased revenue, this system provides real-time analysis to help streamline recruitment processes.

Recruiters can now align the recruiting pipeline with organizational forecasts, staying ahead of turnover, and visually interacting with up-to-date indicators and KPI’s on web activity and sentiment. Using advanced workforce metrics, this system empowers users to analyze the skills and performance to maximize internal engagement for growth and development. Increasing the hiring effectiveness of an organization starts with its core workforce to truly impact overall business profitability. Managers are empowered to not only reduce time-to-fill, but more importantly, improve time-to-productivity for impacting business performance.

Key Highlights of the Solution Implemented

  1. Primary Dashboard created to measure New hires count in the form of charts, bad hires, summary of data.
  2. New Hires report
    • The New Hire Count, New Hires SPLY and Actives YoY % Change by Month combo chart shows that the company hired more people every month on the particular year compared to last year.
    • In the combo chart New Hire Count and Active Employee Count by Region and Ethnicity
    • The New Hires YoY Var by Age Group waterfall chart shows company is hiring mainly younger people.
    • The New Hire Count by Gender pie chart shows a pretty even split
  3. Active Employees vs. Separations Report
    • Combo charts on the left show year-over-year change for active employees and separates.
    • Looking at the pie charts, the even split can be noticed in the active employees by gender and age groups.
  4. Bad Hires Report

Benefit Impact On Business

The significant feedback came from the CEO of the organization saying “implementing the solution has cost less than 20% of the alternative solutions. The payback period was just a few months.. The impact of the system has been far reaching. Its simplicity of use and the valuable contribution it has made to business processes, have made it a strategic asset to our operations.”

The organization previously used to face difficulties to pull data in the desired format and lack of filters. It only now takes minutes to pull reports that would take an hour or more before. It also helped to bring data together from multiple sources that don’t typically talk to each other.

  • The business profit increased by 12%
  • Performance increased by 27%

Prime Focus Points

  • KPI for Human Resources to analyses issues by individual, team, department, region, division, manager, role and many other factors
  • HR managers can visualize, interact, analyze, and respond to optimize recruitment metrics that matter most
  • This system empowers HR department to streamline their recruitment pipeline and align with the company’s strategy and growth.
  • Enabled an ability to monitor content with a 360° view of recruitment or run reports based on their selections and discoveries
  • Provides analysis at the speed of intuitive thought where users can instantly click through dimensions into drill-down groups for hierarchical recruitment data and cyclic groups for nonhierarchical data
  • Empowers recruiters to drill down to granular business detail on their own, increase speed and accuracy of relevant investigations
  • Creates a single, holistic view of recruitment information from multiple sources

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