Installers Development For Medical Simulation




Installers Development For Medical Simulation

Application Type

Installers Development, Application Deployment Management



Business Requirements

Development of an installer for the desktop application. Product name is VisibleEP Electrophysiology.

The basic requirements for the installer are:

  • Windows 7 or later (32 and 64 bit)
  • Must have administrator privileges
  • Uninstaller with Modify, Repair & Remove

The installation process should be performed in two steps: first, the binaries should be installed (the application itself), and second the content should be installed (e.g. text documents, videos, etc.) The reason for the two step process is so that updates may be issued independently for either the application binaries, or the content, or both.

The software is packaged with installers for the following pre-requisites, which are first identified if they already exist in the system or not, if not found then only these prerequisites are installed:

  • Microsoft .Net 4.5
  • A set of video codecs – K-Lite Codec Pack
  • Microsoft Expression Encoder
  • Visual C++ Runtimes

The content files should be copied to a sub-directory where the binaries are located. This installation step should also detect earlier versions of the content and remove all previous files before copying the new ones. During the initialization of Content installer, it first checks if any previous contents exists in the system, if it finds any then it will first remove the previous content and then only it will install new one. It does not impact the installation of binary.
This installer search the binary installation in all the drives on user’s computer up to 7 level of directory levels. So, if the binary installer is present other than the standard location of Program Files folder, this installer is capable to locate the binary in other locations as well. If binary installation not found, it will show up an error on user’s screen with proper message and will terminate.

Boostrapper installs the binaries and then the content, so that to have a “one-click” installation for new customers.

Benefit Impact On Business

Before the development of installers, deploying the VisibleEP medical simulation program on customer’s machine was a manual job and was very intricate due to the complexities it involves. It was used to take substantial amount of efforts to make the program work on customer’s machine. Another problem was, due to the distinguish configurations of customers machines, the procedure of medical installation on machine becomes more cumbersome and irregular. Identifying the dependencies (prerequisites softwares for the program) on customer machine was also the challenging task as every time it was necessary to manually run a test for each required prerequisite on the machine to check if its having that prerequisite software or not and in case prerequisite is not present then it also needed to install that prerequisite as a part of manual installation.

These difficulties were majorly impacting on the sales of the program which was constantly decreasing. After the launching of the installers which automated this whole process, the sales volume of the program was increased by 40% in 2 months and customer satisfaction was on high rate.

Prime Focus Points

  • Creates restore point on install & uninstall
  • Start Menu entries
  • Control Panel Icon & Comment
  • MSI & EXE setup
  • Disk Size check, RAM requirements verification
  • License Handling, Version Handling

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