About Client


Based on the philosophy of Connect, Communicate and Consume, Fynger aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, information seekers and providers and make life a tad easier for people on the move. Fynger helps to communicate with the existing and prospective customers in real time. It gives the power to push deals to specifically those who are looking for certain kind of product or service.

Service Categories

Custom Application (Mobile App Backend), E-Commerce, CRM Development

Industry Categories

Retail, Social Networking

Project Description

The requirement was to create a set of services which can be used by various web service based channels. The purpose of this project is to expose these services as Web services, which can be used by the mobile client. Web Services are hosted as a separate application which also uses search engine for all the searching based service requests. These web services are implemented on REST architectural principles.

These services provide many functionalities to the mobile application like, User Login & Profile service, Search services – Listings, Promotions, Flash Deals, Social connectivity services – Group walls, Google Place forums, chat, Facebook integration etc.

More then 50 web services are developed in this project.

A comprehensive and very detailed technical design document was created for this project with architecture and UML diagrams and it was highly appreciated and set a benchmark.

Project Architecture

Web Service Layered Archtiecture

Logical Architecture

Technologies Used

Server/Infrastructure Management & Deployments Linux, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scalability
Development Technologies Java, REST web services, Apache Solr Engine, Google APIs, Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), APNS, Google Maps, Openfire XMPP server
Application Servers Apache Tomcat application Server
Databases MySQL Database Server, Query Optimization