Digital Marketing and Advertising based on Email Campaigns


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Digital Marketing and Advertising based on Email Campaigns

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Digital Marketing

Business Requirements

The requirement was to develop an automated system that can manage marketing campaigns and can track the web analytics. The concept was based on the digital marketing where the end consumer will register into the application during the product promotional period and will receive automated periodic campaigns in the form of user friendly emails. These campaigns are personalized based on the end consumer likes and dislikes which is tracked based on their browsing history and the data they filled during the registration.

The application should keep tabs on every email campaign and transactional send, with real-time tracking and graphical reporting. It should monitor what all links inside the email campaigns were clicked and how many times, also track if the user has opened the email or not. All the possible data tracked by this system is used to create a comprehensive analytical report that can be used to boost the ROI of the product.

The application is also intended to connect with social media to know what the customers are sharing about the product with their social network. This application engages with customers, and use social insights to drive marketing decisions.

These digital campaigns required to be fully responsive to work on all type of devices, platforms, browsers, operating systems.

Key Functional Areas:

  1. Digital marketing campaigns based on consumers’ routines
  2. Personalized marketing campaigns
  3. Automated and periodic campaign delivery at users’ email
  4. Mobile and other devices responsive
  5. Web & Data analytics
  6. Tracking email campaigns
  7. Social engagement tracking
  8. Statistical report generation
  9. Dynamic Email content
  10. Integration of ExactTarget with the web application

The Solution

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud also known as Exact Target is used as a base platform in the project, all advertising campaigns are built on this environment. This solution also able to monitor Facebook and Twitter posts. Marketing campaigns created in this solution are compatible in all platforms : web, Android, iOs, tabs etc. To provide the custom visualization and dynamic data processing, Apex is used as a programming language in building campaigns. High consideration is given on image rendering to optimize the performance.

Key Highlights of the Solution Implemented

  1. Seamless integration of ExactTarget with the web application – Fuel APIs of ExactTarget were used to integrate the application with ExactTarget. SOAP web services were used to exchange the data between two.
  2. AMPScript was used to develop the core components and to provide desired customization in the emails
  3. Social Forward - Social Forward is used to enable email recipients to share content from emails with other users via their preferred social network. It also tracks any clicks from an email to a social network and the resulting page views from the URL shared by the email recipient.
  4. Data Extension and Data Relationships – Used to satisfy the need for flexible data storage in the application.
  5. Triggered Mails - To provide automated, personalized responses to the customers' activities on the website. Emails are trackable, targeted, and sent in real time.
  6. Data Tracking – Data collection that allows to view critical elements such as email opens, clicks, undeliverable, and other metrics online. It also supports, how many emails were forwarded and how many new subscribers each forward generated. This strategy allows to track specific feedback on the individual consumer's preferences and habits.
  7. Data Extract – Implemented to export the tracking information from the application database. The application exports the data to a CSV file, compresses the data into a ZIP file, and makes the file available on the enhanced FTP server.
  8. Mobile and other devices compatible – The code and design is implemented in responsive way to keep the emails resolution compatible based on the device. The design is platform agnostic and work seamlessly on any operating system, device and browser.
  9. A/B Testing – It was performed to determine which version of the email receives the highest click-through rate or highest unique open rate. It helped to optimize the email campaigns to deliver more targeted and relevant messages to the consumers.

Benefit Impact On Business

In just a short duration of 1 month period, after releasing the automated campaign management the web site traffic was noticed to be increased by 30% which was the great no. And after 2 months duration, the sale graph was surprisingly roared by 40% for the products that was being advertised via campaign management.

Prime Focus Points

  • Sending millions of email in few minutes
  • More than 50 email campaigns were built and integrated with the web application.
  • Usage of Journey Builder
  • Granular level of tracking and analytics

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