Web Based Customer Orders Management System

About Client

YDeal Inc.

Green Apple Mail is a privately held and self-funded American company, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with a global market presence. Green Apple Mail was created, developed and managed by a group of experts, including programmers, engineers, designers and specialists, who work hard to provide the best internet marketing solutions and technologies.

Service Categories

Web Application, E-Commerce

Industry Categories

Technology, IT Network Securities

Launch Project

Project Description

Green Apple Mail is a web-based email validation service that allows users to upload and validate lists of email addresses thoroughly.

This comprehensive email validation system includes the following tools:

  • Advanced syntax verification, following the most up-to-date Internet IETF standards
  • International domain/mailbox checking
  • DNS validations, including MX record(s) lookup
  • Disposable e-mail address (DEA) validation
  • SMTP connection and availability checking
  • Mailbox existence checking, with grey-listing and temporary unavailability support

Highlighted features of application :

  • Various Email Notifications – Email engine implementation based on the event triggering
  • Automated order status updation and send mail notifications without human intervention
  • PayPal payment method implementation – Express Checkout & Credit Card
  • PDF report Generation for transaction receipts
  • Excel reports generation for validated emails
  • Multipart file uploading/downloading – Various type of files based on the status are being uploaded and controlled to lock/unlock
  • FTP uploading
  • Management of order status – There are many statuses of the orders that are being handled. Sending the mail notification on status change event. This was the most complex part of the application. Inside the order status, there are individual statuses of apple, demo, delete, time activations, image changes etc. Handling them was the most challenging task of this application

Technologies Used

Server/Infrastructure Management & Deployments Linux, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Production.
Complete end to end hosting on GoDaddy Server
Development Technologies PHP 5.x, PayPal, HTML 5, Cron jobs
Application Servers Apache Web Server
Databases MySQL Database Server, Query Optimization