Customer Orders Management System For IT Network Securities


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Customer Orders Management System For IT Network Securities

Application Type

Web Application, Email Spams Validation, Security


IT Management, Network Securities

Business Requirements

Web-based email validation service & Web Based Customer Orders Management System was required that allows users to upload and validate lists of email addresses and manage their orders thoroughly. User would be able to check their files, folders, able to add/update/delete files from the system. Integration of Payment Gateway system, accounting system for transaction summary.

Key Functional Areas:

  1. Admin portal
  2. Email Notification management
  3. PayPal payment gateway integration
  4. PDF report Generation for transaction receipts
  5. Excel reports generation for validated emails
  6. FTP file processing
  7. Thorough Email Validations
  8. SEO Implementation
  9. Highly scalable to handle thousands of users

The Solution

This application is based on PHP development language and data store resides in MySQL. PayPal gateway system was integrated for online payments. Business reports were developed to provide various details in structured format for different business users. Email management is another major functionality developed using Swift APIs.

Key Highlights of the Solution Implemented

  1. Order Status Management – There are many statuses of the orders lifecycle that were handled efficiently. Sending mail notifications on status change event. This was the most complex part of the application. Inside the order status, there are individual statuses of apple, demo, delete, time activations, image changes etc. Handling them was the most challenging task of this application.
  2. Promotion Management for the product order. Multiple promotions were managed and were based on no. of units, discount. Promotion can be activated/deactivated any time and hence reflects the changes at end customer side.
  3. Customer Order Screen - Designed the functionality for the end customer to see the details of all orders in single screen. User can see the interactive visualization and the progress of the order. User can check the payment receipts (PDF files), validate mail excel files, delete the order.
  4. Reporting Management - Reports generation in various categories. Displaying them on the screen and downloadable in Excel and pdf formats. Reports can be sorted based on the filters.
  5. PayPal Integration - PayPal Advanced payment API implementation for Express Checkout & Credit Card
  6. Various Email Notifications – Email engine implementation based on the event triggering
  7. Automated order status updation and send mail notifications without human intervention
  8. In-depth Email Validation - This comprehensive email validation system includes the following tools:
    • Advanced syntax verification, following the most up-to-date Internet IETF standards
    • International domain/mailbox checking
    • DNS validations, including MX record(s) lookup
    • Disposable e-mail address (DEA) validation
    • SMTP connection and availability checking
    • Mailbox existence checking, with grey-listing and temporary unavailability support

Prime Focus Points

  • Google Analytics incorporated to track and analyze the usage of application
  • Secure authentication system based on OAuth
  • Highly Scalable to handle large no. of users
  • MVC based architecture with loose coupling and high cohesion

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