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Fourth Generation

The Fourth Generation mission is to deliver ERP software that provides complete solutions for customers at the lowest possible total cost of ownership by providing highly customizable applications built with modern technologies that are proven, designed for continual improvement, flexibility and a long useful life.

Fourth Generation Software has hundreds of satisfied customers across the U.S. and Canada and the world that can attest to its software products and its customer support.

Its flagship product, Fitrix ERP is a 21 module end to end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite focused on the needs of the small to medium size manufacturer of electronics products. Fitrix ERP is a fully-integrated suite of industrial-strength manufacturing, accounting & distribution software applications with the features and capabilities that small to mid-sized electronics manufacturers need to effectively and efficiently automate their back-office operations.

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Business Intelligence & Reporting Management, ERP Application

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Project Description

Development of an business intelligence interface to add dashboards to Fitrix product. The requirement was to create a Dashboard & Report Management system to display the summary of statistical data in the form of charts. Highly interactive and responsive charts were developed to integrate in the form of dashboards. Charts like bar, pie, 3D column, area, line, scatter are developed. Each section of the charts has the drill down reports to show the detailed data. The input data to the reports are configurable and can be updated by the end user to view the desired data. The browser-based interactive viewer lets users change filtering, sorting, and column formatting changes to the report repository. Data abstraction layer for simplifying data field descriptions so non-technical users can easily understand and build their own reports.

Major key performance indicators of the dashboards are :

  • % on time shipments to Customers
  • % on time delivery by vendor
  • Total sales orders shipped by month
  • Sales- Actual vs Projected by product class
  • Inventory value by product class
  • Key metrics for the day: booked orders, late orders, $ backorders

Database procedure and functions were created to perform the backend statistical calculation and hence, enhancing the dashboards responsiveness.

Technologies Used

Server/Infrastructure Management & Deployments Setting up the application environment on Amazon, Linux sever setup, JasperSoft instance EC2 configuration, IBM Informix on redshift, MS SQL Server on RDS.
Configuration of IAM users, public-key cryptography to secure the login information using key/pairs, EC2 Security Group, geographical regions, VPN configuration.
Development Technologies Java, JasperReports, iReport, Jasper Studio, OLAP
Application Servers Jasper BI Server
Databases IBM Informix, Query Optimization, PL/SQLs (Stored Procedures)