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Classifieds Web Application

Application Type

Web Application


Retail, Classifieds, Services

Business Requirements

A classified advertisements web application was envisioned with sections devoted to multiple categories like jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, community, Resumes, etc.

Key Functional Areas:

  1. Search engine implementation to find out the results based on the string entered by the user
  2. Display results directly on the map
  3. User Management
  4. User Accounting
  5. Reporting Management in form of PDF and XLS
  6. Customized Mailbox
  7. Posts management (Add new Post, Delete post, Renew post, Edit Post, View Post, View Messages)
  9. Email and SMS Notifications
  10. Alerts management
  11. Online Chat server with audio/text/video messages
  12. Admin Panel
  13. Web Analytics using Google Analytics API
  14. SEO Implementation

The Solution

This application is based on Java development language and data store resides in SQL Server. Google Maps API used for maps navigation and location controls. Business reports were developed to provide various details in structured format for different business users. First Data Payment Gateway used for online payments. For text messaging GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) used for Android users and Apple Push Notification System (APNS) used for Apple users.

Key Highlights of the Solution Implemented

  1. The geographical map was the center of the application. All results has directly embedded on the map with as much as possible information in brief & long description formats. Addresses with full description were marked in the map directly with designed icons.
  2. The site employed analytics to capture data for each instance of subscriber access to optimize marketing parameters and to monitor general site performance.
  3. One of the objectives was to provide a portability structure such that one would be just as comfortable with using their tablet computer in another city and logging in to the application to access posts that would be in the current surrounding area.
  4. Service providers has an feature to enjoy an authentic rating system that is governed by internal algorithms to prevent falsified referrals and ratings.
  5. Accounting Management – Screen to list the transactions spent for displaying advertisements on the application. Functionality to export reports in PDF, spread sheet formats
  6. Mailbox Management - Customer has the option to view all the mails received by the service providers and sent to them. There are 2 separate screens for Inbox & Sent Items. Customer can reply by just selecting the reply icon from the mail and the same window will be expanded with the text area. There are other several options are present to manage the mailbox.
  7. Push Notification implementation - GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) APIs were used for Android users and Apple Push Notification System (APNS) were used for Apple users to send notifications on user’ mobile.
  8. Best practice security measures has been instituted to protect the network and the site from malicious penetration. Internal automated and manual review was used to verify the validity of posts to the site. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) layer approach will be used for enhanced securities.
  9. In order to recruit qualified traffic from the search engines, Search Engine Optimization was implemented and the number of techniques was considered, that can be used to ensure the MapAdz related pages are indexed and well positioned in the major search engines.
  10. Monitoring & Error Logging - Application was designed to capture errors and store them in a place that is accessible to the monitoring system. Error codes recorded in the log was able to clearly identify the problem. The error messages displayed to end users may be generic. In the log, detailed error description are stored for events occurring on a regular basis and critical system failure or for multiple types of failure. It helps to identify issues.

Prime Focus Points

  • The web application was highly interactive and prompt result oriented.
  • OAuth based Login authentication, blocking fraudulent users
  • Data was encrypted in transit as per the standard Sensitive Data Storage, Transmission and Disposal Policies, Sensitive Data Encryption and Key Management Policies, and Encryption and Secure Hash Standards.
  • Web Analytics/ Reporting was in the place to improve the usability of a site, targeting the designated audience, increasing conversion rate, enhancing consumer experience, as well as increasing lead generation and repeat users.
  • Maintaining the records of single user entry and exit times, locations visited on the site, actions performed, previous IP’s that were used to access the site, MAC ID of the of the single instance access if available and the type of device used that are all keyed to the registered users ID.
  • ‘First Data’ payment gateway integration
  • Separate Admin panel to manage, configure, monitor the web application activities
  • Extensive usage of Google Maps API

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